How to Avoid a Criminal Record as a Young Offender?

A criminal defense lawyer experienced in defending young offenders can help you or your family member avoid a youth criminal record.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) sets out how youth ought to be treated and recognizes a number of principles that distinguishes them from the prosecution of adult offenders.

Burlington Criminal Lawyers, Barrister we understand that in recognition of young offenders psychological vulnerability, criminal trials involving youth are expected to be resolved as swiftly, without incurring a significant delay.

The YJCA also acknowledges that youth are not to be treated as morally responsible as adults, and thus is more focused on rehabilitation than punishment.

For this reason, it enlists community organizations, parents and guardians to help young offenders get back on track.
These principles are also reflected in the sentencing of young offenders. In most cases, the YCJA encourages the informal resolution of cases unless a serious crime has been committed.

Often youth matters will be resolved through community service, counselling or educational programs. Our Criminal Lawyers works towards these kinds of resolutions for youth, even those charged with violent crimes.

The YCJA also affords youth special rights and legal protections. For instance, all of the statements made by young offenders are protected under the YJCA to ensure that they are made voluntarily.

Often, a young person or guardian is forced to admit guilt or wrongdoing as a condition for receiving a more lenient sanction.
Parents, guardians, and youth must be vigilant in any scenario involving the admission of guilt, especially when it is made in exchange for less severe punishment.

The promise of extrajudicial sanctions and reduced sentence should under no circumstances be leveraged to pressure a young person in a guilty plea to an offense they did not commit.

Under the YCJA, if a young person is denied legal aid, they may be able to obtain a court order for a Legal Aid certificate to hire a lawyer to defend them.

Finally, the YCJA is not just focused on accountability, it also emphasizes rehabilitation and reintegration into society.
This means that the YCJA seeks to address the underlying behavior, pre-existing conditions or circumstances that led to the offense in the first place.

Community agencies, schools and parents often play a part in such rehabilitation.
Youth offenders also have the right to counsel and Criminal Lawyers, Barrister can best ensure that their rights are protected.

Bail For Young Offenders In Toronto

Young offenders are presumed to be eligible for bail in all but a few exceptional cases. In more serious cases, after being arrested of a criminal offense and arrested by the police, the youth accused may be held for a bail hearing.

Burlington Criminal Lawyers we can best ensure that the youth accused is released from custody at their bail hearing and on the least restrictive terms possible.

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